Bobtails From Quickman's Garden

Danish Delight Rasmus Rex - All Eyes On Hilda To Our Hearts

Geboren op 6 april 2019 Quickman’s Garden 2x reuen & 6x teven Duitsland
DK-SE Ch. Danish Delight Rasmus Rex05-10-2011DK-NOR Ch. Aryakas Klytos25-06-2009USA Ch. SnowDowne Smooth Talk'n At Bugaboo ROM28-11-2002USA Ch. Bugaboo's Talk'n Out Loud ROM09-08-1998
USA Ch. SnowDowne Cotswold Cassandra ROM15-07-1999HD Good
AU-GR Ch. Aryakas Caryatis17-11-2003WW '02-GB-CH-AU-GIB-GR Ch. Reata's Cosmopolitan15-01-2000
GR Ch. Fan-Fell Qualify For Happiness ROM18-12-2000
DK-SE Ch. Danish Delight Knock-Out19-09-2006Aristocrat Of Snowboot Bears14-05-2001INT-F-ITA Ch. Reata's Como Las Condes15-01-2000
INT-LUX-D-VDH-PL Ch. Shaggy Of Snowboot Bears11-05-1994HD AOgen vrij
DK-NOR-SE Ch. Danish Delight Good Vibration06-01-2003WW '02-INT-NL-LUX-GB Ch. Zottel's You Don't Fool Me25-11-1998
INT-DK-NOR-SE-NORD Ch. Sound Solution Driving Miss Daisy16-03-2000
All Eyes On Hilda To Our Hearts25-06-2016HD A1Ogen vrijED-VrijBAER +/+PCD +/+EIC MUT/+MDR1 +/+-INT-ITA Ch. One Oneiro dei Nobilpazzi17-02-2014HD AAOgen vrijED-VrijBAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+INT-CRO-ITA Ch. Zenit dei Nobilpazzi16-10-2008HD AAOgen vrijED-VrijBAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+ITA Ch. SnowDowne Dolcevita Golden Years10-01-2007
ITA-WORLD Ch. Nobelprize dei Nobilpazzi25-05-2002HD BOgen vrij
High Class dei Nobilpazzi21-12-2010HD AAED-VrijBAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/+INT-CRO-SLO-AU-ITA Ch. Bottom Shaker High in The Sky28-07-2007HD AOgen vrijPCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+CA/HA +/+
Quante' Bella Giovinezza dei Nobilpazzi27-10-2004
LUX-D-VDH Ch. Adorable Phyllis To Our Hearts Of The Klit-Ly's24-10-2012HD A1Ogen vrijBAER +/+PCD +/+EIC MUT/+MDR1 +/+WW '12-D-VDH Ch. Woody Woodstock von den Blue Zottels08-08-2008HD AOgen vrijBAER +/+PCD +/+INT-GB-CZ-SLO-AU Ch. Aryakas Callipous17-11-2003
Pippilotta von den Blue Zottels
INT-NL-LUX-D-VDH-DK-PL-CH Ch. Argovian Jump 'n Jive At Klit'Lys17-11-2009HD AOgen vrijED-VrijBAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+GB Ch. Kerjalee Takes a Moment02-02-2006HD 4:3Ogen vrijPCD +/+
INT-D-CH Ch. Argovian Fast 'N Furious06-09-2005HD AOgen vrijED-VrijBAER +/+

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