Angels of Destiny

Admiral Bears of Prague - Takoda Kyona Looks Like a Lady

Born on 28 March 2022 4x male & 5x female Angels of Destiny Czech Republic
Admiral Bears Of PragueAdmiral Bears of Prague20-02-2020HD AEyes-clearPCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+Reding's Retreat With Silver PandaH Ch. Reding's Retreat With Silver Panda04-03-2017HD AEyes-clearPCD +/+EIC +/+MDR1 +/+Once Upon A Time Of Silver WhirlwindOnce Upon A Time Of Silver Whirlwind01-04-2012HD GoodEyes-clearED 0PCD +/+Manrose Plaisir D'AmourINT-AU-H-SLO Ch. Manrose Plaisir D'Amour02-09-2008HD AAEyes-clearPCD +/+
Look At The Stars For Silver WhirlwindH Ch. Look At The Stars For Silver Whirlwind23-03-2006
Saxen Farm's American MadeAM Ch. Saxen Farm's American Made06-12-2013HD GoodEyes-clearED 0PCD +/+EIC +/+Bugaboo's Big ShotAM-GRAND-CAN Ch. Bugaboo's Big Shot ROM03-11-2006
AM Ch. Saxen Farm's It All Adds Up ROM18-08-2007
Funny Cover GirlFunny Cover Girl15-03-2017HD AEyes-clearPCD +/+MDR1 +/+Incognito Of Snowboot BearsINT-D-VDH-BE-LUX-NL Ch. Incognito Of Snowboot Bears25-05-2009HD AEyes-clearBAER +/+PCD +/+CAN Ch. Chicus Shetland Of Suffolk15-07-2005
Blueshire's Smarty Pants30-07-2005
Definitely Xquiszt AdoracionDefinitely Xquiszt Adoracion24-04-2010Eldorado aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-BE-LUX-NL-SE Ch. Eldorado aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal14-11-2005HD B1Eyes-clearBAER +/+PCD +/+CA/HA +/+
Kerjalee Xquiszt MomentsNL Ch. Kerjalee Xquiszt Moments14-10-2006HD AEyes-clear
Takoda Kyona Looks Like a LadyTakoda Kyona Looks Like a Lady17-02-2019HD AEyes-clearPCD +/+MDR1 +/-Youandi PompidouINT-D-VDH-BE-LUX-NL-DK Ch. Youandi Pompidou05-05-2009HD AEyes-clearPCD +/+Youandi AntaeusINT-D-VDH-BE-LUX-NL-DK-CH-CRO Ch. Youandi Antaeus09-06-2007HD AEyes-clearBAER +/+PCD +/+EIC +/+Zottels Just As-U Like ItZottels Just As-U Like It08-08-2004HD 2:5Eyes-clearBAER +/+PCD +/+
Youandi Limited EditionYouandi Limited Edition17-12-1998HD TCEyes-clear
Youandi Moët & ChandonINT-D-VDH-LUX-NL-DK-NOR-SE-NORD-CH-CRO-SLO-MC Ch. Youandi Moët et Chandon10-03-2005HD AEyes-clearPCD +/+Youandi Surprise SurpriseINT-D-VDH-BE-NL Ch. Youandi Surprise Surprise28-05-1998HD TCEyes-clear
Youandi Limited EditionYouandi Limited Edition17-12-1998HD TCEyes-clear
The Look Of Love Takoda KyonaTakoda Kyona The Look of Love28-01-2015Silvery Bear Göd Wide BoyINT-D-VDH-H Ch. Silvery Bear Göd Wide Boy06-06-2009HD BEyes-clearED 0BAER +/+SnowDowne Smooth Talk'n At BugabooAM Ch. SnowDowne Smooth Talk'n At Bugaboo ROM28-11-2002
Silvery Bear Göd Teeny-WeenyINT-AU-SK Ch. Silvery Bear Göd Teeny-Weeny11-12-2005HD AEyes-clearED 0BAER +/+
LUX Ch. Youandi Tiramisù24-11-2009HD AEyes-clearBAER +/+PCD +/+Argovian Imported By YouandiArgovian Imported By Youandi10-04-2008HD AEyes-clearPCD +/+
Youandi AllureYouandi Allure09-06-2007HD AEyes-clear

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