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Alles over de Bobtail of Old English Sheepdog
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Princess Frieda from Tequila’s Oase

1 april 2015

Kennel: from Tequila’s Oase
Fokker:Annett Muchow
ITA Ch. Venivici Lollypop17-01-2008INT-D-VDH Ch. Playboy von den AuenwiesenINT-LUX-D-VDH Ch. Noble Man of RosevilleINT-LUX-D-VDH-CH Ch. Argovian All on Board06-06-1997
Liberty of Roseville07-04-1997
Amanda von der Roten WelleD-VDH Ch. Karlo von den Blue Zottel's17-12-1996
Amelie von den Auenwiesen
ITA Ch. Venivici Dolce Vita01-02-2002INT-D-VDH-DK-SE-CRO-SLO-AU Ch. Reata's A126-03-1995INT-LUX-H-CRO-SLO-CH-AU-ITA Ch. Lamedazottel High 'n Mighty02-04-1991
INT-LUX-H-CRO-SLO-AU Ch. Lamedazottel Kiss Me Quick25-10-1992
INT-LUX-D-CH-ITA Ch. Argovian A Sugar-Kiss06-06-1997INT-LUX-D-VDH-AU-ITA Ch. Sugar Bear from Beautiful Highland08-01-1988
INT-D-VDH-CH-AU-ITA Ch. Pennylane Love 'n Kisses10-01-1994
D Ch. Nala from Tequila's Oase22-04-2012VDH Ch. Blue Point from Home of Crazy Fire13-12-2006Niedersachsen's Pride Art AttackINT-LUX-D-VDH-CH Ch. Argovian All on Board06-06-1997
Shaggy Tramp's Arabian Queen19-02-1998
Easy Lady von den Frechen Bobby'sD-VDH Ch. Pole-Position's Famous Sir Toby19-03-2000
Angel Bonita from Stone's30-03-2001
Halebopp from Tequila's OaseAM Ch. SnowDowne Straight Talk'n at Bugaboo28-11-2002AM Ch. Bugaboo's Talk'n Out Loud09-08-1998
AM Ch. SnowDowne Cotswold Cassandra15-07-1999
INT-D-VDH-SE-PL Ch. Curly Sue from Tequila's OaseINT-NL-D-VDH-SE Ch. Dreamdancer's Ballantines20-09-1999
DK Ch. Brenda Lee from Tequila's Oase