Mellowdee Lady Mae

Teef 26 december 2015 Groot-Brittannië 1 views
GB Ch. Brwyn's Howdy Doody Loves Hillbilly At Mellowdee10-04-2013D-VDH Ch. Sweet Expression's Meet & Greet10-06-2008HD AOgen vrijBAER +/+PCD +/+INT-MTN-ISR Ch. Brinkley Barnaby08-02-2007HD BOgen vrijED-VrijBAER +/+PCD +/+GB Ch. Brinkley Buddy Holly with Macopa03-12-2005
GB Ch. Brinkley Rosey Blue08-09-1999
INT-NL-D-VDH-FIN Ch. Sweet Expression's Circus Circus27-07-2003PCD +/+FIN Ch. Drover's Special Edition16-01-1998
Miss Moneypenny Can't Take It Easy12-10-1998HD TCOgen vrij
INT-NL-BE Ch. Brwyn's Miss Smilla17-02-2007HD AOgen vrijED-VrijPCD +/+EIC MUT/+MDR1 MUT1/+INT-NL-BE Ch. Brwyn's Friends Forever02-03-2004HD AOgen vrijED-VrijD-VDH Ch. Karlo von den Blue Zottels17-12-1996HD AOgen vrij
INT-NL-BE-LUX Ch. Brwyn's Lamborghini Miura01-04-2000HD TCOgen vrijED-Vrij
Brwyn's Bear on Snow Sh'oes09-11-2001HD AOgen vrijED-VrijINT-NL-BE-LUX-D-VDH-PL Ch. Our Snowboot Bear Of Fool's Paradise16-06-1994
Brwyn's Own Heaven11-11-1998HD TCOgen vrijED-Vrij
GB Ch. Regalbliss Lady Of Mellowdee17-05-2012GB Ch. Mellowdee Major Tom29-12-2006GB Ch. Brinkley Sir Jonny03-10-2003GB Ch. Barkshire's Born in The USA with Brinkley27-06-2002
GB Ch. Brinkley Rosey Blue08-09-1999
Lilipop Pretty Peach Of Mellowdee22-05-2004Mellowdee Making Whoopi22-01-2001
Lilipop Flore Plena26-03-1999
Hallowed Be Thy Name30-07-2007GB Ch. Dalewood Down Under12-02-2001Eynhallow Ghost Dance06-11-1996
GB Ch. Dalewood Goodie Two Shoes16-05-1996
Dalewood Suprise Guest22-02-2002Southview Kissinger At Ruffleups
GB Ch. Dalewood Goodie Two Shoes16-05-1996

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