Griland Living Legend At Bellablue

Griland Living Legend At Bellablue

Leva Male 22 February 2019 Russia 3090 views
Griland Throughout The WorldINT-BE-NL-FIN-CZ-RUS-LV-LT-GEO-AM Ch. Griland Throughout The World23-02-2017HD A, Eyes-clear, ED 0, PCD +/+, EIC +/+, MDR1 +/+, CA/HA +/+, DM +/+Pennylane Aston MartinCH Ch. Pennylane Aston Martin01-04-2015HD B, Eyes-clear, ED 0, PCD +/+, EIC +/+, MDR1 +/+, CA/HA +/+, DM +/+Pole-Position's QuaxINT Ch. Pole-Position's Quax03-06-2012HD A1, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+, PCD +/+, EIC +/+, MDR1 +/+Pole-Position's Monty Phyton24-12-2005HD A, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+, MDR1 +/+
Pole-Position's NasdaqINT-D-VDH-CH Ch. Pole-Position's Nasdaq24-03-2007HD A, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+, PCD +/+, MDR1 +/+
Zottels XtravaganceWW '14-INT-GB-FIN-AU-CH Ch. Zottels Xtravagance01-08-2011HD A, PCD +/+GB Ch. Aryakas Ikarous At Noggybanks09-02-2009
Zottels Made in HeavenZottels Made In Heaven12-11-2006
Griland MasterpieceWW ’16-VDH-SE-FIN-CZ-H-RUS-UKR-BY-EE-BALT Ch. Griland Masterpiece13-04-2011HD A, Eyes-clear, ED 0, PCD +/-, EIC +/-, MDR1 +/+, CA/HA +/+, DM +/+Lambluv's To Russia With LoveRUS Ch. Lambluv's To Russia With Love01-02-2010HD A, Eyes-clear, ED 0, PCD +/-, EIC +/+AM Ch. Lambluv's The Entertainer ROM03-11-2003
AM Ch. Lambluv's Lady Liberty ROM11-09-2006
Griland Glamour Bear CapINT-RUS-SLO Ch. Griland Glamour Bear Cap14-05-2006HD A, Eyes-clearGriland Born To RunLUX-PL-ROM-RUS-BY-MOL-SLO-MTN Ch. Griland Born To Run11-11-2004HD A, Eyes-clear, ED 0
Agusha Lucky GirlRUS Ch. Agusha Lucky Girl23-06-2002
Griland Royal Dream BearFIN-RUS-BY Ch. Griland Royal Dream Bear22-10-2012HD A, Eyes-clear, ED 0, PCD +/+, EIC +/+, MDR1 +/-, DM +/+Zottels Secret Is OutINT-FIN-BUL-BY-LT-GEO-SLO-MTN-SB-CY Ch. Zottels Secret Is Out09-12-2008HD A, Eyes-clear, ED 0, PCD +/+, EIC +/+, MDR1 +/+, CA/HA +/+Zottels Just As-U Like ItZottels Just As-U Like It08-08-2004HD 2:5, Eyes-clear, BAER +/+, PCD +/+Dreamdancers BallantinesINT-D-VDH-NL-SE Ch. Dreamdancer's Ballantines20-09-1999HD A, Eyes-clear
Zottels Wildest Dream24-09-1997
Zottels Kiss 'N Make Up05-11-2004HD 4:5GB Ch. Zottels Zero Tolerance At Malcro28-05-2000
Zottels Aiming High At Danum30-06-2000
Griland Beauty BearWW '06-WW '09-WW '12-INT-GB-D-F-BE-DK-FIN-AU-PL-SK-H-BUL-RUS-UKR-BY-EE-LT-MOL-MCD-SLO-MTN-SB-CY Ch. Griland Beauty Bear11-11-2004HD B, Eyes-clear, ED 0, BAER +/+, PCD +/+, MDR1 +/-Reata's Frequent FlyerINT-RUS-BY Ch. Reata's Frequent Flyer22-09-2001HD A, Eyes-clearINT Ch. Zottels X-mas Cracker16-11-1998
Reata's Carisma15-01-2000
Karund Zhu ZhuFIN-RUS-LT-BALT Ch. Karund Zhu Zhu30-11-1997HD A, Eyes-clearRUS Ch. Oakfarm Cool Runnings
RUS Ch. Karund Zhenevieva

Additional information

  • Kennel Griland
  • BreederKarina & Elena Grigoryan
  • OwnersKarina & Elena Grigoryan, Geraldine Mulrooney
  • Country of ResidenceRussia
  • Health results HD A, Eyes-clear, ED 0, PCD +/+, EIC +/+, MDR1 +/+, CA/HA +/+, DM +/+
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Griland Living Legend At Bellablue is available as stud. Please contact Karina & Elena Grigoryan for more information.

Hi Karina & Elena Grigoryan, Geraldine Mulrooney, do you want to update the details of Griland Living Legend At Bellablue?