AM Ch.

Greyfriar Trafford Choirboy

Male 23 April 1981 United States 203 views
AM Ch. Greyfriar Holier Than Thou ROM29-04-1978AM Ch. Cheerio Heavy Number ROMAM Ch. Loyalblu Fascinatin Rhythm ROMCheerio Poetry In Motion
Rollingsea Vanessa
Cheerio Tea 'N CrumpetsLeach Clouds Reflection
Prunella Of Streatley
AM Ch. Greyfriar Amazing GraceAM Ch. Greyfriar BentleyAM Ch. Greyfriar Chumley O' Moorland
AM Ch. Greyfriar Matilda
Honeybear's Daisy 
Greyfriar Trafford Lass18-02-1977AM Ch. Trafalgar's Tye Dyed Dude25-03-1975AM Ch. Greyfriar Chumley O' MoorlandGreyfriar Paisley Sam14-02-1967
Greyfriar Miss Muffin
Greyfriar Town Crier 
Greyfriar Chatelaine Chalet  

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